Nimbella is a pure serverless cloud that leverages the public cloud infrastructure and can be extended to private on-premise infrastructure. It is built on open standards, giving developers full control over their architecture and code, without vendor lock-in.

Serverless computing today is nascent, and is lacking the abstractions, automation, and integrations that have proven necessary to accelerate the adoption of technology in new markets and application domains. Nimbella fills the technology gaps and unifies the programming experience around serverless to deliver a complete and integrated solution that works across clouds. It is designed from the ground up to address the needs of event-based applications, long running applications, stateful workloads, and more complex use cases that employ artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Anshu Agarwal
Anshu AgarwalCo-founder & CEO
Anshu has over fifteen years of experience in the technology industry, building products for organizations large and small across the globe. Most recently she was CMO and VP of Product at Cedexis. She has also served on the Board of Directors of the OpenDaylight Project, promoting the adoption of an open-source software-defined networking (SDN) platform. She led product and marketing teams at four infrastructure startups: Cedexis (acquired by Citrix, 2018), ConteXtream (acquired by HPE, 2015), Ankeena Networks (acquired by Juniper Networks, 2010), and Speedera Networks (acquired by Akamai, 2005). Anshu holds a B.S. in Electronics from IIT/Roorkee, India; an M.S. in Electrical from Rutgers, New Jersey; and an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Illinois.
Dr. Perry Cheng
Dr. Perry ChengCo-founder & VP Engineering
Perry was a Principal Researcher at IBM Research, and was recognized by IBM with a Gerstner Corporate Award and five Research Accomplishments. He is also recognized for his scientific contribution with three Most Influential Paper awards, SIGPLAN Software Award and CMU Distinguished Dissertation Award. As one of the original creators of Apache OpenWhisk, the leading open-source serverless solution, he brings in-depth knowledge on custom serverless deployments and backend optimizations. Perry received his B.S. in Computer Science from Rice University and Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University. He has worked extensively in and significantly contributed to real-time memory management, compilers, programming languages, GPU and FPGA accelerators, and distributed systems.
Dr. Rodric Rabbah
Dr. Rodric RabbahCo-founder & CTO
Rodric was a Principal Researcher and the technical lead for serverless computing at IBM. He is the creator and the lead contributor to Apache OpenWhisk, an advanced and production-ready serverless computing platform. He was awarded an IBM Outstanding Innovation Award and an IBM Outstanding Accomplishment Award for his leadership and impact on IBM Cloud Functions. At IBM he also worked directly with several of IBM’s earliest serverless clients to help them become cloud-native and succeed in their adoption of serverless computing. Rodric received his B.A. in Computer Science from NYU and Ph.D from Georgia Tech. He was a Research Scientist at MIT for several years. His contributions are a unique mix of programming language design, compilation technology for accelerators, hardware design and synthesis, and user-facing tools.
Eric Swildens
Eric SwildensCo-founder & Chief Architect
Eric is a serial entrepreneur and has cofounded two successful technology companies – Microline Software and Speedera Networks. In 1996, he was cofounder and CEO of Microline Software that was acquired by Blaze Software in 1997. In 1999, he cofounded Speedera Networks which was acquired by Akamai in 2005. He has worked in multiple areas including 3D CAD systems (Control Data, Autodesk), UNIX Desktops/ User-Interface (Pencom Systems), trading systems (IRIS Financial), networking (DHCP), databases (Informix) and Internet load balancing (Resonate). He was inducted into the 2006 Academy of Science and Engineering at age 34, the youngest inductee in the history of the academy. Eric is also an inventor with over 60 patents, an author and a documentary producer. He graduated from University of Minnesota with B.S. in Computer Science.


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