How to connect to the 3rd party database such as MySQL at Nimbella (example in Java)
Nov 23, 2020
With Nimbella, we can easily integrate any DB into any language like the way a beginner learns JDBC, PyMongo, etc. Implementation through their IDE.
Deploy your Shopify Storefront to Nimbella
Oct 30, 2020
Learn how to launch a Shopify storefront built with React to the Nimbella cloud.
What can you do with the Nimbella Workbench?
Oct 30, 2020
Find out what you can do with the Nimbella Workbench.
Not All Serverless Platforms Are Created Equal
Oct 27, 2020
Ever since Serverless gained traction among developers with the early success of AWS Lambda, there is quite some confusion on how these platforms fit application needs. In the last two years, there was a proliferation of the next generation of Serverless platforms, going beyond the event-driven use cases to support complex enterprise applications.
Nimbella + Netlify: Uplevel Your Development Speed
Oct 19, 2020
Today, I’m excited to share more on the Nimbella add-on for Netlify. Our mission is to be the best and easiest Serverless Cloud, enabling developers to only code application logic and leave the rest to the platform to manage. Jamstack is very popular among modern web developers and Netlify makes it extremely simple for them to build their websites.
How we learned to Jamstack, Our Caputron Story.
Oct 05, 2020
We love the flexibility offered by Nimbella such as running serverless functions for our backend with customizable durations and runtime environments, an integrated data-store for our stateful APIs. And, Netlify makes the entire experience of delivering our application to the cloud “frictionless” by allowing us to bring our own domain name, offering an easily configurable proxy to redirect API calls to our backend.
Commander for Microsoft Teams - Your Custom Bot that runs on your Command!
Sep 22, 2020
Microsoft Teams is a great tool for communicating with your co-workers or friends. But maybe you have some functionality you’d like to create or install into your Team’s space? Nimbella Commander is your bot that allows you to not only install pre-built commands into your Microsoft Teams workspace, but you can also build custom commands or customize pre-built commands.