Have you ever wanted a simple way of displaying your Datadog billing info? With Nimbella Commander, you can have your current bill and next month’s projected bill displayed in one command to your Slack workspace.
2020-02-14 | Commander
It's crazy to think that I entered the Developer Advocate field almost a year ago. Through that year, I’ve worked to ease the pains that companies and developers had together. I attended meetups, conferences, and hackathons, seeing new companies and products vying for developer attention and adoption. I’ve been happy to work with some of these productivity tools that are hard to go without once used.
2020-02-10 | Commander
Level-Up Your Slack with Nimbella Commander
We are excited to introduce you to Nimbella Commander, a platform to level-up your development of Slack apps. Commander provides essential features around security, audits, collaboration and accelerated development, all from your Slack workspace. Nimbella Commander is the only Slack integration that provides an easy way to build Slack apps without worrying about servers or infrastructure. Try it today, and build something g...
2020-01-30 | Announcement | Commander | Reading time: 5 minutes