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Mar 18, 2020 | Commander


Nimbella Commander is your one-stop destination to create or run custom slash commands on Mattermost or Slack. It also has a development and runtime framework built in so you can create and build your custom plugins and publish it as a Command Set for everyone to use. Our command building functionality will not only allow your developers to quickly design commands, but to also import our premade Command Sets without having to handle any backend. This will help all of your Mattermost teams to communicate much more effectively.

One such Command Set we have written is BlueJeans. The BlueJeans Command Set allows you to create, manage, list, and cancel BlueJeans meetings. Here, I will show you how to install and use the BlueJeans Command Set on Mattermost. I assume you have already installed and set up Commander on Mattermost and if you’ve not, you can follow the instructions on how to install it here

  1. In order to use BlueJeans Command Set, you need to have a BlueJeans account enabled in order to run the BlueJeans commands. You would need to send an email to their support. You would be receiving 2 keys which you will be feeding to Commander as bluejeansAppKey and bluejeansAppSecret. How to do that is described in detail below.
  2. Run /nc csm_install bluejeans  to install BlueJeans Command Set.

Intall BlueJeans Command Set

  1. See the commands installed within your Command Sets by running /nc csm_info bluejeans . You can also run /nc command_list  to list all the commands installed in your Default App.

See commands installed

  1. Next, we need to let BlueJeans commands know about the BlueJeans API keys. Specifically, the API keys you generated earlier for the BlueJeans API will be encrypted (outside of Mattermost) and attached to the slash command. To do this, type /nc secret_create  to bring up the Nimbella Secret Creator. We’re creating the secrets outside of Mattermost so that Mattermost will only see encrypted strings and not your API keys. When you run the secret command, you will see an output that looks like this:

Secret Create

  1. Click on the Secret Creator link to be redirected to the page which encrypts your API keys.

Click on the Secret Creator link

  1. Add your bluejeansAppKey and bluejeansAppSecret from Step 1 to the fields in the Secret Creator as illustrated in the following figure. Next, click the “Make Secrets” button to generate the commands you’ll need to copy and paste into your Mattermost prompt.

Add bluejeansAppKey and bluejeansAppSecret

  1. After clicking the “Make Secrets” button, the commands you’ll need to run on your Mattermost page will appear. Copy each command one at a time and paste them into Mattermost. This will take your Application Key and Application Secret and apply them to your nc app. (Note: I have stripped the secret. It's usually pretty long)

Apply Application Key and Application Secret to nc app

Secret add bluejeansAppKey

  1. Now you can create a BlueJeans meeting by running the /nc bluejeans_create  command as shown below. The command also accepts optional parameters to specify invitees and date and of the meeting. Note that the date format is “mm/dd/yy” and the time is in UTC.

bluejeans create

Once the meeting is created, you will get an email about it

Get email after meeting is created

  1. You can list all the meetings with /nc bluejeans_list 

List all meetings

  1. You can also cancel the meetings with /nc bluejeans_cancel <meeting-id> <cancellation message> . Both meeting ID and cancellation message is required

bluejeans cancel

If and when the meeting is canceled, you will receive an email about it.

Receive email after meeting canceled

  1. We also have a helper command /nc bluejeans  which lists all the above commands with usage.

Helper Command

  1. Once you’ve installed a Command Set, that code is yours to edit. You can edit the code by typing /nc command_code bluejeans_create 

Edit BlueJeans Code

Click on “edit the code” link above. Change the code and press save. Re-run the command to see your changes take effect. I changed by bluejeans_create  command to just print a message

Print a message

  1. You can also revert your changes or update your Command Set to get the latest changes by running /nc csm_update bluejeans 

Revert or update Command Set

  1. If you want only certain users to run the bluejeans command, then you can type /nc command_runners <command_name> + @user1 + @user2 . Substituting for “user1” and “user2” the Mattermost names of your teammates that should have access to the Commands

Add runners

  1. You even have access to a log that can show you who is running your Bluejeans Commands. Type /nc command_log <command_name>  into Mattermost to run this functionality

Show who is running Bluejeans Command

There you have it. You now have the ability to create and manage your BlueJeans meeting.

To see what else you can do with Commander, you can look at our Resources (Resource link to tutorials/blogs and Videos). For more information about Commander, visit our website. We’d also love to hear from you via our community Slack channel or on GitHub.

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