Nimbella joins DigitalOcean

Sep 07, 2021 | Announcement


We are thrilled to announce that Nimbella is now part of DigitalOcean (see press release here).

Three years ago, we set out to create the simplest cloud for application developers, using serverless computing as our foundation. We built Nimbella to fulfill the serverless promise: for developers to focus on their applications, never the infrastructure. We are extremely proud of what our team has accomplished so far, and we are excited for the deep potential ahead to make the serverless cloud even more accessible and simpler to use by developers of all skill sets around the world.

The serverless cloud is a powerful supercomputer, allowing services to be offered and consumed through APIs, and empowering developers to create and build their applications without having to understand complex issues with distributed systems, data consistency, content delivery, infrastructure security and management. Nimbella’s differentiated platform addresses the challenges in building modern cloud applications that incorporate compute, data, and application state. We built a cloud that frees developers from having to consider, configure, or directly provision dozens of cloud resources and services needed to create applications that are secure, scalable, and cost efficient.

We are grateful for our global community of developers who built their applications using Nimbella Cloud, and for our Nimbella Enterprise clients who trusted us with their business use-cases. We look forward to bringing you more value during this next phase of our growth. We are also grateful to our team for their dedication and creativity, and all the investors who believed in our vision for a serverless future and our ability to execute.

We look forward to integrating our serverless products with DigitalOcean’s core services. We are collectively committed to the simplicity and beauty that DigitalOcean developers are accustomed to. Together, we are accelerating toward a future that removes barriers to entry for application developers around the world.

- Team Nimbella

Developers/Users FAQ

I have projects deployed to Nimbella Cloud. Will they continue to work?


Yes. Your applications will continue to run and you will be able to continue to deploy projects and update each of your Nimbella namespaces as long as you are working under the limits of the free tier.

Can I continue to use Nimbella Cloud?


Yes. We plan to continue to operate Nimbella Cloud for now. We will keep you updated on the longer-term plans over the next several months as we integrate the Nimbella serverless platform with DigitalOcean's core services and products.

I'm a free tier user. Will I have to pay?


No, as long as you continue to operate within the free-tier limits. We are committed to continuing to offer a free developer tier.

Will my account and assets transfer to DigitalOcean?


As we work through the integration with DigitalOcean we will contact you with details. We anticipate offering an option to automatically transfer your applications and application state hosted on Nimbella.

Will the developer experience change?


Nimbella and DigitalOcean share a philosophy aimed at developer simplicity. We will continue to carry forward this mantra as we integrate with DigitalOcean’s services and developer tools. We are excited to bring about more services, features and capabilities to make your experience even more delightful.

What new capabilities will you offer?


At Nimbella, we heard from a lot of you about what additional capabilities you want and need. The DigitalOcean portfolio of services will allow us to deliver on these asks as we look to integrate with databases, containerized app platforms, monitoring services and developer experience tools. Please sign-up here to keep up with the developments.

I have a DigitalOcean account, can I buy Nimbella service from there?


Right now, new users cannot sign up for Nimbella as the team is focused on integrating the offering with DigitalOcean. If you’d like to keep up with the developments, please sign-up here.

Can I use other services of DigitalOcean through my Nimbella account?


Yes. Any DigitalOcean service (e.g., database as a service) may be used with applications you create and deploy to Nimbella Cloud.

Can I buy Nimbella on-premise enterprise solution?


Please get in touch with us here to discuss your needs.

I use Nimbella Commander. What do I need to know?


Your Nimbella Commander Slack and Teams apps and slash commands will continue to operate normally. We will eventually migrate these applications to DigitalOcean and will contact you when those processes are in place.

I use a custom domain and the Nimbella integration for Netlify. What do I need to know?


You may continue to use the Nimbella integration with Netlify builds and Netlify sites. We will eventually migrate your APIs, and application state to DigitalOcean and will contact you when those processes are in place. We anticipate that we will be able to offer automated migration.

You have a lot of open source projects. Are you going to continue to foster an open source community?


Nimbella has strong open source roots and we are committed to continue to develop in the open and to foster the open source community around our developer tooling and platform. With DigitalOcean’s commitment to excellent documentation and tutorials, we also expect to be able to do more, sooner. If you’re interested in contributing to documentation (DigitalOcean has a great program called Write for DOnations) or any of our open source projects visit and to learn more.

You didn’t answer my question. How can I reach you for help?


Please contact us via or submit a support request through the Nimbella developer portal.

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