Nimbella + Netlify: Uplevel Your Development Speed

Oct 19, 2020 | Technology


Today, I’m excited to share more on the Nimbella add-on for Netlify. Our mission is to be the best and easiest Serverless Cloud, enabling developers to only code application logic and leave the rest to the platform to manage. Jamstack is very popular among modern web developers and Netlify makes it extremely simple for them to build their websites. One of our early adopters wanted to use Netlify and our stateful serverless capabilities, so we were able to extend their Netlify experience. We realized that this could be a need of many other developers, therefore we released our integration with Netlify to do just that – allow developers to take their development speed to the next level by providing a powerful programming model for serverless functions and workflows.

More specifically, a Nimbella add-on for Netlify is a Netlify Build Plugin which provides developers the functionality to extend Netlify sites with portable and serverless capabilities. This integration benefits Jamstack developers with a seamless and powerful programming model for serverless functions and APIs with Netlify’s CDN, domain management, and automatic builds. Here’s Netlify’s product manager Jessica Parsons talking more about partner integrations.

Jamstack Developers - This Plugin Is For You

Netlify developers who want to develop in other languages such as Python, PHP, Ruby, Rust and more can now build easily using this plugin. If the developers want to consume more events and not only HTTP requests, this enables them to extend their Netlify experience seamlessly. One of companies that has seen the benefit of using this integration is Caputron – a leading worldwide distributor of professional and research neurostimulation technology. The joint Nimbella/Netlify solution offers them the serverless cloud-based solution that they need to streamline the sale of consumer devices on their cloud application. By deploying the Nimbella add-on, Caputron is able to leverage Nimbella’s serverless technology with the automation and capabilities that Netlify offers.

Here’s what Caputron’s CEO Robin Azzam said –

"Using serverless technology from Nimbella, coupled with automation and several key features offered by Netlify, we quickly built a cloud application that satisfied our needs....we delegate all aspects of infrastructure, operations, deployment, and delivery to the software companies we have come to love: Netlify and Nimbella."

You can read more about Caputron’s story on our blog.

Learn More About Nimbella and Get Started

Simply put, Nimbella was designed specifically to address the challenges developers face in adopting a serverless computing model. Nimbella’s technology is suited for all workloads, both private and public clouds, and complex use-cases that employ artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

Given our mission, building an add-on for Netlify just made sense. The best part – setting up is easy. Find out more about the benefits of the integration and get started today.

- By Anshu Agarwal, Nimbella CEO/Founder

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