Results and Feedback of FaaS Wars - May the FaaS Be with You!

Apr 08, 2021 | Technology


After a wildly successful FaaS Wars Season 1 that witnessed some awesome robots and extensive global participation, we could not resist hosting another Season right after. If you missed your chance in the previous competition, buckle up because we have another challenging season lined up ahead.

Prepare yourself for FaaS Wars 2 right away and participate between April 26 - July 26. This time too, you can expect a lot of cool robots, intense battles, and exciting cash prizes.

Faas Wars 2 sign up

Now, let’s give you a brief about FaaS Wars Season 1 and how it panned out so you can prepare for Season 2.

Season 1 of FaaS Wars turned out to be truly global. We had participation from countries across the world where maximum participation came from:

  • India
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Poland
  • United States of America
  • Sri Lanka
  • Canada

The purpose of the competition was to initiate developers to learn Serverless while also having fun. We saw more than 1,800 FaaS Warriors and more than 500 awesome robots fight to win the title of the #ServerlessJedi Episode 1. There were 3 episodes in this season and with each passing season, the battles keep getting more intense.

Developers actively made use of the tutorial videos, written guides, and blog posts that we shared with them throughout the event to improve their chances of winning and quickly learn more about serverless computing.

Learn Serverless Easily With Nimbella

By the end of the season, we had 2 winners, one of whom won two episodes.

What was FaaSWars?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with FaaS Wars, let us help you with some information.

FaaS Wars was a three-month global robot coding competition organized by Nimbella and members of the Apache OpenWhisk community. It was the first season of this competition and was live from Jan 2021 - March 2021 and had three episodes.

The prize for the competition was a cash prize of up to $1,400, which was divided between the three stages. The winner of the first episode was awarded $200, the second episode winner won $400 and the winner of the third round received $800 in cash prizes.

Partners that helped Nimbella during FaaS Wars

Nimbella partnered with several big names like Incubate IND, Java Mentor, Apptimia, J/S Bangalore meet up group, This Dot Media, Bangalore CNFC meet up group, Girlscript.Tech and

What was FaaS Wars about?

Participants had to code their robots, use functions to guide them on the battlefield, shoot lasers at opponent robots, and defeat them on the battlefield.

When a battle was fought, the winner of one round progressed to battle with the winner of another battle and the same continued until the final battle.

Who were the winners?

The final battle or the season finale was won by Michele Curci from Italy, who was also the winner of our episode 1. Michele was awarded $800 for the season finale and $200 for his victory in episode 1. The name of the robot that Michele used to fight the battles was Cortex2. Michele even supported other players by writing an elaborate blog on how he coded his robot that helped him win.

FAAS WARS winner of the 1st round

The feedback about Nimbella Serverless Platform by Michele Curci, Big Data Backend Developer Presso Almaviva Digitaltec

Our second winner for episode 2 was Tyler Zerr from the United States who fought the battles with his robot named TooncesV4. We admire the spirit and enthusiasm with which Tyler participated in the competition.

FAAS WARS winner of the 2nd round

The feedback about Nimbella serverless platform by Tyler Zerr, Systems Analyst SaskTel

If you missed this season, we ask you not to be disheartened as we will soon be launching FaaS Wars Season 2, which will be more challenging and even more fun.

May the FaaS be with you!


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