Starter Kit and Resources to Build a Serverless Cloud Application

Jul 09, 2020 | Tutorials


Are you looking for online resources to help you build serverless applications? With Serverless computing, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to develop, which means your ideas get to the market faster. Because Nimbella is passionate about helping you deploy your cloud applications, we created a list of online resources that will help you find the perfect tutorial to get you started coding in the cloud.

1) How to Build a Serverless Cloud Application using Codinglist?

serverless cloud app resources

Created by Cory Althoff, the author of The Self-Taught Programmer, Codinglist is a massive website filled with 20K+ tutorials for software development. If you’re looking for free tutorials on building cloud applications, then you can use filters on the site to specify the Serverless Computing courses you’re looking for.

serverless cloud app resources

2) How to Build a Serverless Cloud Application using Pluralsight?

With 1,400+ subject-matter experts as authors and 6,500+ courses to select from. It’s worth giving their 10-day free trial a try. To get started on understanding Serverless technology, I’d recommend the 2-hour course called “The Fundamentals of Cloud Computing” by David Davis.

serverless cloud app resources

3) How to Build a Serverless Cloud Application using CloudAcademy?

Started by Stefano Bellasio and Giacomo Marinangeli, ClouldAcademy is a collection of amazing high-quality courses decided to Serverless computing. If you’re not ready to build cloud applications, then there are courses available to learn high-level programming languages.

serverless cloud app resources

4) How to Build a Serverless Cloud Application using FreeCodeCamp?

The name says it all! FreeCodeCamp is an extremely popular site for learning web design, Algorithm, and Front-end libraries. But did you know that they also have free articles cloud technology? Searching “cloud” on their website will display plenty of free resources to better understand Serverless computing.

serverless cloud app resources

5) How to Build a Serverless Cloud Application using FreeCodeCamp?

At Nimbella, we have several free blogs and videos to teach you how to build fully functioning Stateful Serverless apps. We even have tutorials on how to build Serverless Slack Apps.

serverless cloud app resources

I hope that these resources will help you understand the process of creating Serverless apps. If you have any educational resources for cloud computing that you’d like to share with us, then message us on Nimbella’s Twitter page to let us know! You can also join Nimbella’s Slack channel to ask any questions you have about Serverless applications you’re building!

Written by Jamie Dawson (Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn)

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