Commander CLI


Build, run and publish custom commands from your terminal

Setup CLI

What is Commander CLI?

Commander CLI is a part of Nimbella CLI. It is a convenient command-line and REPL-interface for Commander that enables you to create, run and publish your serverless functions as commands to execute in Slack, and Microsoft Teams.


What can you do with Commander CLI?

  • Run slash commands, built for messaging platforms, from your terminal.
  • Login to different Commander integrations (Slack, Teams) directly from the terminal.
  • Bootstrap Command Set development with auto-generation of the necessary files and code templates.
  • Install Command Sets from your local machines onto supported messaging platforms.

What is the difference between Commander and Commander CLI?

Commander is the platform that allows you to run slash commands on different messaging platforms like Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Commander CLI is a development tool that makes it easier for you to create, run and install the commands on your messaging platform workspace directly from the terminal command line.


For Installation and User Guide click here.


Command: A serverless function that executes some business logic and returns output formatted for a messaging platform.

Command Set: A set of related commands grouped together for easy installation and sharing.