Postman Integration


Deploy and Run your Postman APIs and Collections in one-click

Setup in Postman

What is Postman integration?

Nimbella Postman integration is a plugin of Nimbella Command Line Interface (Nimbella CLI). It allows developers to extend the functionality of Postman by adding commands to support API-first development strategy.

What is API-first development approach?


API-first development is a strategy in which APIs are treated as a first-class artifact of the development process, allowing disparate teams the ability to work with each other without interfering with internal development processes.

API-first approach also puts the target developer’s interests first as it allows to build the consensus among different stakeholders by involving also edges or seams of the application, and then build the product on top of it (website, mobile application, SaaS software). By building on top of APIs with developers in mind, you and your developers are saving a lot of work while laying down the foundations for others to build on.

This is particularly suited for cloud-native development as it allows rapid prototyping, supports a services ecosystem, and enables automated deployment, testing, and continuous delivery pipelines that are extremely important for modern applications.

Benefits of the integration

With Nimbella Postman Plugin, you can take your APIs into a serverless world seamlessly. The plugin enables developers to:

  • Automatically generate Nimbella Project structure with stubs, unit tests, and client code.
  • Generate language-specific project configuration, package/dependency management, and .gitignore files.
  • Generate Readme using collection description.
  • Update dummy API endpoints or non-existent URLs in the collection document with Nimbella namespace URLs that you get post-deployment.
  • Augment collection document with new Postman Tests.
  • Sync the updated collection to Postman Cloud.
  • Auto-convert version 1.0 collection into version 2.0.
  • Fetch responses in the collection from deployed URLs post-deployment.
  • Sync collection document to update in the Postman App.


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