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Feb 10, 2021


Nimbella and Rishidot Research to host a webinar on the Serverless Computing landscape and its benefits to the enterprise

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Feb. 10, 2021 -- Nimbella, a cloud-agnostic serverless cloud platform provider, today released a whitepaper titled "The State of Serverless in the Enterprise" authored by Rishidot Research. The whitepaper surveys the Serverless Computing landscape and highlights how this computing paradigm is transforming enterprises.

"Cloud computing witnessed rapid acceleration in 2020 due to the needs of companies to support their business because of the COVID-19 pandemic," said Anshu Agarwal, CEO and Co-founder, Nimbella. "Serverless computing saw significant adoption because it enables rapid development and deployment, reducing the development cycle thus accelerating time-to-market. As it becomes more mainstream, we see two important requirements emerging from the enterprises: portability and customization. Portability to avoid vendor lock-in and customization to support a variety of enterprise workloads."

Serverless Computing allows developers to build and run applications without the added work of managing the infrastructure. Rishidot Research estimates that the Serverless Computing market will cross $20 billion in the next five years and almost every enterprise will have Serverless deployments in their organization. Enterprises will see the financial and operational benefits in serverless platforms such as Nimbella through the reduction of operational overhead and costs to manage the infrastructure, increased developer productivity, and quicker deployment to market from an abstraction of infrastructure complexities resulting in a better ROI.

"The need for serverless platforms to be a seamless experience and able to integrate is becoming a top priority for many companies across industries," said Krishnan Subramanian, Founder and Chief Research Advisor, Rishidot Research. "We are seeing more extensive capabilities come with serverless platforms and enterprises prefer portability and interoperability to ensure that they have the necessary flexibility to empower their developers. Most enterprises want some level of customization to meet their diverse application needs."

Nimbella's platform significantly improves the developers experience and offers enterprises the flexibility to deploy applications on their infrastructure or cloud of their choice. It runs on Kubernetes and is based on Apache OpenWhisk, securing the applications' compliance with open source standards. To make the developer experience even better, Nimbella offers seamless integrations with developer tools such as Postman, Netlify, Slack, Microsoft Teams and others.

Additionally, Nimbella co-founder and CTO, Rodric Rabbah, and Rishidot Research Founder and Chief Research Advisor, Krishnan Subramanian, will host a webinar that will take a deeper look into the whitepaper and industry trends on Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. EST/10:00 a.m. PST.

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About Rishidot Research

Rishidot Research is the next-gen research and analysis firm focussed on helping modern enterprise decision makers understand and navigate cloud native and artificial intelligence landscape. We help them understand the current trends and also help them foresee the future trends so that they can innovate continuously.

About Nimbella

Nimbella is an enterprise-grade stateful serverless platform that can be deployed on any cloud to support multi-cloud or private-cloud strategy. The serverless platforms and frameworks in use today are lacking the abstractions, automation, and integrations that are necessary to accelerate the adoption of serverless technology in the enterprise and in new application domains. Nimbella fills the technology gaps and unifies the programming experience around serverless to deliver a complete and integrated solution that works across clouds. It is based on open-source and is available as a managed and hosted service and as a full-stack solution that can be deployed on any private or public cloud.

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