Nimbella 1 Week 
Proof of Value


We will work with you and your team to get you started on your serverless journey, on a cloud of your choice. Within a few hours, thoughtfully orchestrated over a one-week period, we will demonstrate the value the Nimbella Serverless Platform can deliver to your organization.

What you can expect from us:

  • On-boarding to Nimbella Cloud or deploy the Nimbella Serverless Platform to your Kubernetes infrastructure, Google Cloud or AWS.
  • Tutorial for developers to learn about serverless and to create and run their serverless APIs.
  • 3 hours of consultation with a cloud architect to understand your needs and discuss available customizations.
  • A dedicated Slack channel for rapid response and access to our serverless experts.


What your developers get


Within a few hours, your organization can be on its way toward enabling rapid development and deployment of portable cloud applications and APIs. The Nimbella Serverless Platform is the only truly portable and cloud-agnostic serverless platform.

At the end of the week you will get:

  • A uniform programming environment across clouds so your APIs can run on a cloud of your choice.
  • Management tools to automate Kubernetes maintenance, operations, and platform administration.
  • Integrated key-value storage, object storage*, and other backend services that reduce development friction.
  • Easy deployment and management with integrated monitoring and logging.

*Available On Google Cloud and AWS.

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