Installing Commander Manually


When it is released to the public, Commander will be an app you can install from the Slack App Directory.

For now, you need to install it manually. Follow these 7 steps to install Commander into your Slack workspace.

  1. Make sure you are logged into Slack. Then click this link: and click "Create New App"

    Create 1

  2. Enter "Commander-Beta" as the App Name, pick the Slack workspace you want to run the app in and click "Create App"

    Create 2

  3. Click "Slash Commands"

    Create 3

  4. Click "Create New Command"

    Create 4

  5. In the "Create New Command" form:

  6. Click "Install App" and then click "Install App to Workspace"

    Create 6

  7. Click "Allow" in the dialog that appears. The dialog that appears might look slightly different than this, based on your browser.

    Create 7a

    Commander is now installed. If all is well, you'll see the following

    Create 7b

    You can verify that Commander is installed by entering the "/nc" command in your Slack workspace

    Create 7c