Adding a Function (Calculator 2)

  • Next we will deploy a function has the calculator logic. All function code files reside in the packages  direcotry. In addition, we must choose a particular package folder. Here we'll pick calc  as the folder name and place the code in eval.js . The code is very short as we will (unsafely) use nodejs's eval to perform the computation. Make the new directory as follows.
mkdir -p calcsample/packages/calc

Then use your favorite editor to edit the file calcsample/packages/calc/eval.js . The content should be as follows.

function main(args) {
    let expr = args['text']
    let result = eval(expr)
    return { 'result': result }

exports.main = main
  • Without modifying the project configuration file (we'll explain why), deploy the project again with nim project deploy calcsample . Note that the output indicates that the action has also been deployed now.
Deploying project '<path...>/calcsample'
  to namespace '<namespace>'
  on host ''
Deployed 1 web content items to
Deployed actions:
  - calc/eval
  • Try out the webpage again and this time the calculator button will trigger a computation remotely and display the result.