Setting Up (Workbench)

  • If you are running on a Mac or Linux machine, download the Nimbella Workbench by going to the Nimbella landing page here. Then
    • on mac: open the disk image and install the app
    • on linux: unzip the distribution file, creating a new directory NimbellaWorkbench-<version> 
  • After requesting access to Nimbella here, you will receive an email with your credentials. For the workbench, you'll need the login token which is a single long string that the workbench can authenticate with.
  • Launch Nimbella Workbench.
    • On mac, depending on your security settings, the initial launch may require that you Control-click the app icon Workbench.
    • On linux, at a shell prompt, change to the newly created directory and type ./NimbellaWorkbench 
  • Run the command login <login-token> to authenticate. To confirm that things are ok, run namespace list  to show your namespace.

Initial Check