Deploy **Ruby** Serverless


Deploy Ruby Serverless


Deploying Ruby through Nimbella’s serverless infrastructure allows you to code and run any app in minutes.


Deploy Ruby apps serverless in minutes with Nimbella. Our architecture allows you to, install, configure, set, test and run your Ruby app and package in single & multi cloud dependencies.

Learn how to get started

Learn how to get started

Deploy Starter Projects from GitHub

Deploy Starter Projects from GitHub


Nimbella cloud & serverless infrastructure changes the way applications are developed and deployed

**Big enterprise developers** working serverless based can gain in agility, focus, and costs on coding, deploying and maintaining apps.


Big enterprise developers working serverless based can gain in agility, focus, and costs on coding, deploying and maintaining apps.

**Small teams and freelancers **can deliver large-scale distributed applications faster and more securely than ever before without the need of an infrastructure on-premise.


Small teams and freelancers can deliver large-scale distributed applications faster and more securely than ever before without the need of an infrastructure on-premise.


Nimbella’s focus and main objective is dedicated to facilitating the widespread adoption of cloud computing to any kind of user and team of developers.

Nimbella's Serverless infrastructure offers and delivers a serverless cloud with a beautiful developer experience.


What do you get with Nimbella's service to make your Ruby serverless work easier?

All the serverless framework features in our service are here:

  • By default, a dedicated and secure domain name for your cloud applications. If you need more, let us know.
  • Integrated global CDN from where to automatically deploy the static front-end assets.
  • Back-ends you can run on demand, near-instantly. Without the necessity of you to manage your server, and using your web browser.
  • A secured data bucket to upload every file. Limit file access as needed.
  • Application state recorded in a Redis key-value store, with data file accessible to all your backend logic at extremely low latency.
  • Workflows you can build and the ability to orchestrate long-running tasks.
  • CLI and workbench tools to manage Nimbella services, import, building projects, and deploy your apps.

How to deploy a Ruby App with Nimbella?

We made the platform easy for the user so you do not get lost in details with deploying.

When your code is ready to run just type

nim project deploy

Deploying from GitHub?

To indicate you want to deploy from GitHub, use a project path that starts with one of the following.


and then

nim project deploy github:nimbella/demo-projects/visits
nim project deploy

You can learn more about how to start with our platform here:


Data about Nimbella’s Ruby Application Serverless integration


Integration with any cloud

Nimbella is cloud agnostic and integrates automatically with the most famous public clouds but also even private clouds of your choice. What is more, Nimbella is thus naturally even supporting a hybrid or multi-cloud serverless strategy. If you want to go Serverless with Ruby, Nimbella is the way.

As a developer, you can code once and run on all clouds or your local machine, because you can deploy the Nimbella platform anywhere, and do quick share of that package it the community.

CDN and API gateway, the easy way

Nimbella’s platform is serving the content serverless and globally from a CDN, plus allows you to implement API’s from third-party applications with ease. With Nimbella's Serverless Framework Service it is easy to build and test an API with Ruby, just like in AWS Lambda

If you need to run Ruby apps serverless, do it now in minutes with Nimbella.

Making life easier for developers

Nimbella serverless platform is designed specifically to make it easy for developers that want to adapt to a serverless custom service without facing a wide span of integration, configuration, architecture, database and update problems.

If you want to go Serverless, Nimbella's service is the way.


Deploy Ruby now with Nimbella


Tenths of freelance developers, developing teams, IT companies and big software companies have chosen Nimbella’s serverless infrastructure to code, test, run and deploy apps on Ruby or one of our other support frameworks.

Need some inspiration? Start from a template

You can Google for Ruby templates that give you the base code of apps and functionalities based on Ruby:

  • User dashboards
  • Login pages
  • Check-out pages for e-commerce sites
  • Photo albums and galleries

There are free & premium templates available online both in specialised sites and market places.

Upload these templates to our serverless environment and start working on your Ruby app now


Other frameworks that Nimbella supports


Don’t stay only in Ruby if you do not want to: we support other frameworks that allow you to code and run serverless software gracefully. Try them out with a free account or try our Playground for free and without signing up.

FAQ’s about our Serverless Ruby integration

How do I get started?


Our starter accounts are free: you just have to sign up to get started. If you need more capabilities you can upgrade from Starter account to Pro account at any time.

Which tier/account type is best for me?


If you are the only developer the Starter free account is likely the best match for you. The Starter account provides you with all the capabilities of the platform with an amazing return. On the other hand, if you are part of a small team of developers and/or you are working with multiple projects at the same time, we suggest you the Pro account.

What is Nimbella’s Playground and what can I do with it?


The Playground allows you the opportunity to try out a few capabilities of Nimbella’s web serverless platform anonymously, without the need of signing up and for free. You can create, run, stack and share up to 10 serverless functions in multiple languages like React, JS, Python, PHP, Go, Java, Swift and Typescript. However, the Playground has limits: maximum execution time is 3 seconds and the function may not consume more than 128 MB. If you start trying out the Playground and you decide to sign up for an account you can export the functions you have coded into your account.

How do I get support from Nimbella?


You will find us on Slack and you can email us at any moment. If you are using our Enterprise account we provide 24x7 support.