3 Hours of React Conference


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3:40 - Manjula Dube -Building Accessible web apps with React

45:20 - Shodipo Ayomide - Building a React app with web and mobile in mind

1:31:30 Radoslav Stankov - React Native architecture - How we moved what we know from web to mobile

2:08:40 - James Q Quick - React Security Implications You Need to Consider

2:45:18 - Eric Swildens - Stateful Serverless React

3:33:37 - Closing statements + rewards for joining this event.

Date: October 15th, 2020 8:00 AM - 11:15 AM PDT // 11:00 AM - 2:15 PM EST

We're thrilled to host this free event with 5 React experts from around the world. Regardless if you're new to React or a practitioner looking to improve your skills, we have you covered.


October 15th, 2020 8:00 AM - 11:15 AM PDT // 11:00 AM - 2:15 PM EST

Opening Address Jamie Dawson8:00am-08:15am
Building Accessible web apps with React Manjula Dube8:15am-8:50am
Building a React app with web and mobile in mind Shodipo Ayomide8:50am-9:25am
React Native architecture - How we moved what we know from web to mobile Dr. Radoslav Stankov9:25am-10:00am
React Security Implications You Need to Consider James Quick10:00am-10:35am
Stateful Serverless React Eric Swildens10:35am-11:05am

Building Accessible web apps with React

Learn some of the best practices you can use to make your React app more accessible!


Building a React app with web and mobile in mind

The user experience for your mobile app is just as important as the user experience on your web app. This session will go over the best practices for building a React app that is both web and mobile-friendly.


React Native architecture - How we moved what we know from web to mobile

This session will showcase React Native architecture and how it was used in "Your Stack" app. We will also share the lessons learned along the way when the app was moved from web to mobile. Topics covered will include: Designing reusable React components, GraphQL, routing in the app, application lifecycle, keyboard controls, toast messages, and others.


React Security Implications You Need to Consider

How secure is your React app? Learn tips and tricks on ways to improve the security of your application!


Stateful Serverless React

The Nimbella Platform allows you to quickly develop and deploy React apps, both the front-end React code and back-end APIs. In React, both the front-end and back-end code is normally written in JavaScript. We'll show how to develop and deploy a complete React app that includes user login and talk about best practices for maintaining user-state and securing back end APIs.

All attendees will receive:

  1. A certificate for attending this conference.
  2. The Pro version of Nimbella's serverless cloud platform free for 3 months.
  3. Access to the Nimbella community Slack channel to ask questions about building their serverless apps and share what they are building.

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James QuickSenior Developer Advocate at Auth0


James has a true passion for Mobile, Web, and Entrepreneurship. He follows the latest blogs, speaks at community events, and participates in Hackathons. James has spoken and served as a mentor at various events across the country and has worked with professional developers, startups, students, and everything in between. He is actively creating videos on his YouTube channel teaching various topics in Web Development. He considers himself a "Social Developer" and loves to spend time teaching and learning from others.

Radoslav StankovHead of engineering at ProductHunt


Full-stack developer with 18+ years of experience, currently he is head of engineering at Product Hunt (owned by Angel List). In his spare time, he organizes React.NotAConf conference and React.Sofia meetup.

Manjula DubeWeb Engineer at N26 & Founder at Geekabyte


A Software Engineer & teacher. A world-renowned tech speaker from India and currently living in Berlin with her husband. Works at N26 as a Web Engineer. Founder of Geekabyte that aims to deliver in-person tech workshops on Web Development. She also organizes two international conferences known as React India & JS Conf India. She is also a Google Developer Expert. Has been obsessed with coding ever since she graduated from college. A founding member of Mumbai Women Coders that aims to encourage more women in tech & provide an avenue into the technology world. Loves contributing to open source in her free time. Loves Javascript, React, and her family.

Shodipo AyomideMedia Developer Expert at Cloudinary


A senior Developer Advocate, Software Engineer and Technical Lead with over 8 years of experience and a track record in web & mobile applications development, UI, and UX design. Currently a Media Developer Expert at Cloudinary.

Eric SwildensCo-Founder and Chief Architect at Nimbella


Eric is a serial entrepreneur and has cofounded two successful technology companies – Microline Software and Speedera Networks prior to Nimbella.