Build a serverless Slack application for AWS


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Topic: Build a serverless Slack application for AWS

When this happened: June 04, 2020

Speaker: Jamie Dawson

Jamie Dawson is a Developer Advocate for serverless technology at Nimbella based in Santa Clara, CA. Previously, Jamie was an intern for Samsung’s Bixby premier developer program where he assisted the top developers building apps for Bixby, a teacher for an after school program for programming called Code4Fun, and a student at a software developer school called 42 Silicon Valley.


This presentation will show you how to build serverless Slack apps using Nimbella Commander. We’ll build an app to manage resources in your AWS account. Example commands will include managing EC2 instances, interacting with DynamoDB, updating Route53 configurations, and retrieving your AWS bill. All conveniently built as serverless Slack apps, using Nimbella Commander. No new tools or accounts needed.

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Jamie DawsonDeveloper Advocate at Nimbella


His passions are in cloud technology, voice applications, web design, and meeting other developers and learning about what drives them