Learning Kubernetes with Nimbella - Building your own serverless (Lesson #1)



Many people think that Kubernetes and Serverless are the opposite. This is not actually quite true. They are complementary technologies.

We see Kubernetes as an abstraction of top the cloud, and serverless as an abstraction on top of Kubernetes. Still, many people are interested in knowing all about Kubernetes.

Since Nimbella is actually a complex application built on top of Kubernetes, leveraging the Open Source project Apache OpenWhisk, we believe that a great way of learning Kubernetes is deploying Nimbella in it.

Hence this course.

In this short crash course, we are going to teach Kubernetes by building a Serverless environment, similar to the one offered by NImbella, step by step.

Learning Outcome: At the end of this short crash course, you will get a serverless environment running in Kubernetes that developers like you can use.

  • As a DevOps, you can then provide developers a ready-to-use environment to develop applications.
  • As a developer, you can fine tune the environment, using containers when needed and serverless when appropriate.

LESSON 1: In this first lesson, we will see the advantages of using a serverless environment in Kubernetes and the basic principles of its operation.

Michele SciabarraNimbella Europe Manager