Nimbella and Postman: From APIs to Serverless Cloud Applications in Minutes


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Date: Sept 23, 2020 9:00 AM PDT

APIs are at the heart of all modern-day applications. With Postman, developers can design and test their APIs, and generate mock servers to facilitate the development of cloud and mobile applications. Today, we're taking the Postman developer journey to the next level, with Nimbella.

Nimbella offers a Serverless Computing experience that allows developers to quickly build and run cloud applications without worrying about infrastructure operations or management. As a result, developers enjoy an increased focus on the core value they want to deliver with their application logic.

With Postman and Nimbella, developers can use the tools they know and love, and truly enjoy a full stack development experience. Now you can go from API design to full cloud implementations. Nimbella makes it easy to develop stateless and stateful APIs, offers integrated key-value and object stores, and is backed by proven enterprise-grade open source technologies.

In this webinar, Postman's Kin Lane and Nimbella's co-founder Rodric Rabbah will discuss the Nimbella Serverless Cloud integration for Postman, and demonstrate the full developer experience, going from API to fully operational cloud application in minutes.


  • Serverless Computing is the Future of the Cloud
  • Postman and the power of APIs
  • From Postman to Cloud with Nimbella
  • Developer Experience and Technology Demonstration
  • Postman Collection
  • Nimbella Project Generation
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Testing, Monitoring and Logging

We’ll also be doing a live Q&A to answer any questions you might have.

To register for the webinar, simply fill out the form and you’ll be off and running.

Kin LaneChief Evangelist at Postman


Kin Lane is the Chief Evangelist for Postman, and perform as the @APIEvangelist at the intersection of the technology, business, and politics of APIs.

Rodric RabbahCTO & Co-founder, Nimbella


Rodric Rabbah is the co-founder and CTO of Nimbella, a new serverless cloud provider. Rodric was a Principal Researcher at IBM, where he created Apache OpenWhisk, the open-source and enterprise-grade serverless computing platform powering IBM Cloud Functions, Adobe I/O Runtime, Naver Corporation and numerous private enterprise offerings. He founded Nimbella two years ago with the goal of making the cloud developer experience beautiful and accessible to developers of all skill sets.