OpenWhisk with Nimbella and Serverless Swift


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Date: September 9th, 2020 9:30 AM PDT

So you’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Serverless tech, but what exactly is the serverless or cloud functions? Come to our meetup and find out about solutions from IBM and Nimbella realized with Apache OpenWhisk.

Serverless has become the new style of coding, and it can be used to offload your mobile apps without incurring unnecessary costs. Serverless Computing is emerging as the dominant computing paradigm for the cloud. It has accelerated the pace of development and cloud adoption, but still represents a small fraction of all cloud computing. There are important factors gating wider adoption, the most significant of these is the limitation to stateless workloads and applications. This talk will introduce Stateful Serverless computing, and describe how Nimbella accelerates an organization’s adoption of cloud and their serverless transformation. With a stateful serverless approach, Nimbella offers enterprise developers the ability to build complex workflows and stateful APIs with all the benefits of serverless: no infrastructure or data stores to manage, no storage to provision explicitly, instant availability, and elastic scalability.

Get an intro into serverless/function-as-a-service/cloud functions technologies and learn why startups and enterprises are so excited about using it.

🖥 What you will learn:

  • We will be demoing Serverless development and covering:
  • Who are the players in the Serverless ecosystem?
  • What are some use cases for Serverless solutions with using a Docker as the Polyglot action
  • Best practices for the Serverless architecture for Serverless Backend as a Service
  • Whether going Serverless is really faster, better, cheaper for developers and organizations
  • Live coding examples using Swift, Python, and Java

Marek SadowskiThe published author on Serverless Swift


Rodric RabbahCTO & Co-founder, Nimbella


Rodric Rabbah is the co-founder and CTO of Nimbella, a new serverless cloud provider. Rodric was a Principal Researcher at IBM, where he created Apache OpenWhisk, the open-source and enterprise-grade serverless computing platform powering IBM Cloud Functions, Adobe I/O Runtime, Naver Corporation and numerous private enterprise offerings. He founded Nimbella two years ago with the goal of making the cloud developer experience beautiful and accessible to developers of all skill sets.