Serverless & APIs Conference


Official date: Feb 24th, 9 AM - 12 PM PDT

Learn from industry experts how to build and improve your serverless APIs.

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Opening Address Jamie Dawson9:00am-09:10am PST
Unleashing the Potential of Stateful Serverless Computing Rodric Rabbah9:10am-9:50am PST
Low Code Serverless GraphQL APIs In A Cloud First World William Lyon9:50am-10:30am PST
Power Tuning Your Serverless API For Happy Customers Allen Helton10:30am-11:10am PST
API Security: When Failure looks like Success Keith Casey11:10am-11:50am PST
Closing11:50am-12:00pm PST

Session Descriptions:


Unleashing the Potential of Stateful Serverless Computing - Rodric Rabbah

The growing demand for serverless computing runs parallel with the demand for businesses to rapidly scale up their software applications. Within the last five years, serverless has grown exponentially, however it still only represents a tiny fraction of all computing that takes place in the cloud.

There are important factors gating wider adoption, the most significant of these is the absence of support for stateful workloads and applications. In this session, Rodric Rabbah, CTO and co-founder of Nimbella, will address those limitations and make suggestions on how the industry could realize the full potential of serverless architecture by leveraging native support for state in the serverless platform. Topics will cover how this approach works and why it is necessary to support state natively in the serverless platform.

This talk will leave attendees with an understanding of what stateful serverless offers developers, focusing on the ability to build complex workflows and stateful APIs with all the benefits of serverless. This includes no infrastructure or data stores to manage, no storage to provision explicitly, instant availability, and elastic scalability. In all, stateful serverless enables enterprises to rapidly scale their application layer in a cloud native environment.


Low Code Serverless GraphQL APIs In A Cloud-First World - William Lyon

Developers now have a multitude of choices to make when building and deploying API services. In this talk, we'll take a look at modern techniques, libraries, and services for building and deploying scalable GraphQL APIs. We'll see how to take advantage of modern cloud native databases, open-source GraphQL integrations, and tooling, serverless technologies, and discuss the tradeoffs of various approaches for building a GraphQL data layer. Finally, we'll learn how the trend of low-code tooling aligns with serverless technologies and why using both together can be a supercharger for developers.


Power Tuning Your Serverless API For Happy Customers - Allen Helton

Modern software revolves around APIs. But simply saying you have an API isn’t enough these days. Having a high-quality, robust, and meaningful API is the cornerstone to success.

Serverless provides developers with the tools to make that happen. Speed, reliability, control, and development flexibility help enhance not only the developer experience but the end-user experience as well. It offers out-of-the-box insights into how your API is being used and where product focus should be.

In this session, you will learn how to fine-tune your serverless API for performance and scalability where it counts. Discover how to identify your problem areas and what techniques you can use to address them. Shift your focus from being reactive to proactive and provide the best experience possible for your customers.


API Security: When Failure looks like Success - Keith Casey

In the last decade, APIs have become fundamental to our teams, partners, and customers. While we’d like to believe it all happened as a carefully executed plan, let’s be honest… there’s as much luck as foresight in the mix. Luckily, success drives success so we’ve seen things explode in great ways. Unfortunately, that very success has cost us too.

APIs are becoming a consistent and devastating attack vector for applications that store everything from financial records to passport information to what you’re looking for in a date. In this session, we’ll reconsider some of our earliest assumptions and lay out some strategies for bringing our APIs out of the shadows and protecting ourselves, our partners, and our customers.

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Allen HeltonEngineering Manager at Tyler Technologies


Software Engineering Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Javascript, NoSQL, RESTful API services, and AWS cloud development. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) focused in Software Engineering from The University of Texas at Dallas.

Keith CaseyAPI Problem Solver at Okta


Keith Casey currently serves on the Product Team at Okta working on Identity and Authentication APIs. Previously, he served as an early Developer Evangelist at Twilio and before that worked on the Ultimate Geek Question at the Library of Congress. His underlying goal is to get good technology into the hands of good people to do great things. In his spare time, he helps build and support the Austin tech community, and blogs at He is also a co-author of “A Practical Approach to API Design” from Leanpub.

William LyonDeveloper Relations Engineer at Neo4j


William Lyon is a software engineer at Neo4j, the open-source graph database, working on database integrations and extensions as part of the Neo4j Labs team. He is also the author of the Manning book "Fullstack GraphQL". You can find him online at and

Rodric RabbahCTO of Nimbella


Rodric was a Principal Researcher and the technical lead for serverless computing at IBM. He is the creator and the lead contributor to Apache OpenWhisk, an advanced and production-ready serverless computing platform. He was awarded an IBM Outstanding Innovation Award and an IBM Outstanding Accomplishment Award for his leadership and impact on IBM Cloud Functions.