Serverless Considerations for an Enterprise


Date: Feb 25th, 10 AM PDT

Serverless Computing allows developers to build and run applications without the added work of managing the infrastructure. Rishidot Research estimates that the Serverless Computing market will cross $20 Billion in the next five years and almost every enterprise will have Serverless deployments in their organization. Enterprises will see the financial and operational benefits in serverless platforms such as Nimbella through the reduction of operational overhead and costs to manage the infrastructure, increased developer productivity, and quicker deployment to market from an abstraction of infrastructure complexities resulting in a better ROI.

In the webinar, two experts in cloud and serverless will present the latest trend and the overview of the recently released whitepaper overview on "The State of Serverless in the Enterprise" authored by Rishidot Research. This whitepaper is designed to help you understand how you can maximize your investments with serverless.

During this webinar you will discover:

  • Why should enterprises adopt serverless
  • What is needed in serverless cloud platforms for enterprise workloads
  • How Nimbella, an enterprise focussed serverless platform fits into the enterprise needs

We invite you to join the discussion about some of the considerations for enterprise decision-makers as they evaluate serverless platforms for their use.

Krishnan SubramanianFounder & Chief Research Advisor at Rishidot Research


Krishnan Subramanian (a.k.a Krish) is Rishidot Research Founder and Chief Research Advisor. Sys-Con Media considers him to be one of the top 50 Cloud Bloggers and The Next Web considers him to be one of the Top 25 Influential Voices tweeting about Cloud Computing. Also, according to Apptio, he is one of the 12 top thinkers of Cloud Computing and SAP considers him to be one of the top 50 influential voices on cloud computing. Forbes considers him to be one of the top influencers of cloud computing. CRN Buzz considers him to be one of the top 5 influencers in cloud computing. His core research areas include cloud platforms, infrastructure and big data.

Rodric RabbahCTO & Co-founder, Nimbella


Rodric Rabbah is the co-founder and CTO of Nimbella, a new serverless cloud provider. Rodric was a Principal Researcher at IBM, where he created Apache OpenWhisk, the open-source and enterprise-grade serverless computing platform powering IBM Cloud Functions, Adobe I/O Runtime, Naver Corporation and numerous private enterprise offerings. He founded Nimbella two years ago with the goal of making the cloud developer experience beautiful and accessible to developers of all skill sets.