Serverless Slack apps & more! Presented by The Slack Community Delhi Chapter


This video is now available online!


0:00 - Intro & what to expect

4:07 - Getting started building serverless Slack apps

9:30 - Using build-in security.

16:11 - Command sets

19:40 - Ending & Q&A

28:26 - Workflow Steps from Apps

48:07 - Ending & Q&A

In our first virtual meetup for Slack Delhi NCR chapter, let's learn how to create serverless Slack apps using a third-party tool called Nimbella Commander, and how to build steps from apps for Slack's Workflow Builder.

Building a serverless Slack App

Commander is a Slack app that provides a framework for developers to create custom serverless slash commands and serverless Slack apps without leaving the Slack environment. Commander is an app that simplifies your workflow to build custom apps. The commands which are created using Commander are serverless commands which run on Nimbella’s Serverless Cloud. There's nothing to install, no servers to manage, and no services you need to provision. Simplifying the process of creating Apps and slash commands allows you to quickly create or install functionality for your team to more efficiently communicate with each other.

How to build Steps from apps for Workflow Builder

Workflows are automated multi-step tasks or processes within Slack. Anyone can create workflows with no code using Workflow Builder. Workflow steps from apps provide an ability for Slack apps to create and process custom workflow steps. These steps from apps can be shared and used by anyone in Workflow Builder. Use steps from apps to send data to external services, create tasks in project management systems, or update tickets.

Jamie DawsonDeveloper Advocate at Nimbella


Jamie Dawson is a Developer Advocate for serverless technology at Nimbella based in Santa Clara, CA.

Previously, Jamie was an intern for Samsung’s Bixby premier developer program where he assisted the top developers building apps for Bixby, a teacher for an after school program for programming called Code4Fun, and a student at a software developer school called 42 Silicon Valley.

Akshay DeoStaff Engineer at Slack


Akshay Deo is a Computer Engineer from Pune, India. He is a co-founder of 3 startups out of which 1 failed, 1 couldn’t launch and 1 got acquired. He has been part of Slack for last 15 months.

Since he has been part of Slack, he has worked on Calls Platform as a contributor.

He laid the technical foundation for Slack Shortcuts as a Tech Lead.

Currently, he is leading a team working on Slack's internal automation tool.

Amandeep SinghDelhiNCR organizer - Independent Consultant, Full Stack Developer


Web engineer and event organize for the Delhi Slack Community.