Stateful Serverless for the Enterprise


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In this webinar, you will learn first-hand all about stateful serverless from an enterprise perspective. If you are an enterprise looking to modernize the application development for your organization, this webinar will provide insights on:

  • What are the challenges a developer faces when developing a stateful application?
  • Why is support for stateful so important for enterprises?
  • What kind of enterprise workloads does such support unlock for the enterprise?
  • What does it mean in the long run for the enterprise?
  • What are the benefits that an enterprise can derive from adopting this computing paradigm?

Host: Anshu Agarwal, CEO & Co-founder, Nimbella

Guest: Andy Thurai, Emerging Tech Strategist,

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Andy ThuraiEmerging Tech Strategist,


Andy Thurai is a technology influencer and thought leader who focuses on emerging technologies such as Cloud, AIOps, AI, ML, DL, Edge, and IoT. He is a trusted advisor to many startups and enterprise executives and an avid blogger. Prior to starting his own practice as Field CTO, Andy was at IBM as the Cloud Chief Strategist and at Intel as Group CTO for the API group.

Anshu AgarwalCEO & co-founder at Nimbella