The State of Serverless in the Enterprise

A whitepaper for enterprise decision-makers

"The need for serverless platforms to be a seamless experience and able to integrate is becoming a top priority for many companies across industries. We are seeing more extensive capabilities come with serverless platforms and enterprises prefer portability and interoperability to ensure that they have the necessary flexibility to empower their developers. Most enterprises want some level of customization to meet their diverse application needs."

Krishnan Subramanian
Rishidot Research

Serverless Computing is a broad term that encompasses Functions-as-a-Service along with backend services, data stores, workflow engines, and other services needed for applications. In this whitepaper, Rishidot Research has highlighted some of the criteria that should be used by enterprise decision-makers to evaluate various serverless platforms. It also talks about how serverless computing is transforming enterprises to better use the resources and help drive the developer productivity and agility.

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